So what exactly is Reiki?

Whether you look at reiki from a scientific or spiritual point of view or just view it as another form of relaxation treatment it’s a proven fact that everything - every living person, every living and non living thing is made up of energy. What we perceive is solid, is in fact not. Tiny particles in the form of atoms, molecules or ions are moving around at different speeds and all matter is created by them.

Reiki, which originated in Japan in the 1920’s means ‘universal life energy’ and flows through all of us. If our ‘life energy’ is low then we are more likely to become ill or suffer from stress. We can get blockages in our body preventing the energy to run smoothly.

Reiki works to help activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promote fresh energy to break down these blockages and restore the body back to a more balanced state on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. As there is no belief system attached to reiki it can be enjoyed by anybody and its benefits also include a feeling of deep relaxation, improved sleep quality and a renewed sense of wellbeing and clarity.

Our reiki mantra is ‘don’t expect anything but don’t be surprised by anything’. During a treatment you will lie on the couch fully clothed and your therapist will place their hands just above or lightly on your body creating an energy exchange, you may feel different sensations or you may feel nothing.

The main thing is just to be comfortable and enjoy the feeling of complete rest and relaxation. For the ultimate in wellbeing we suggest combining reiki with another holistic treatment such as reflexology or indian head massage.