Spring clean your beauty routine

I think we can all agree that this weekend Spring has officially sprung. It’s so nice to see the sun shining, trees and flowers blooming and everyone seeming that little bit more chirpier. The hibernation of Winter is over and we are ready to peel back the layers and enjoy the new season. Spring is a time of renewal and cleansing so let’s look at ways to get us feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Our skin tends to get drier over the winter, lack of moisture and extreme temperatures can leave us scaly and rough, some people may even develop a condition called keratosis pilaris which is little raised red bumps, commonly seen on the upper arms. The first step in exfoliation and elimination is dry body brushing, this is a great way to wake up the lymphatic system and get the blood moving around the body, next use a good body scrub to loosen dead skin cells and reveal new brighter, smoother skin, we recommend Ruff Stuff Daily Scrub, it’s hands down the best body exfoliator I’ve came across and it includes coconut oil for extra softness. Vegan friendly and at only £10 a tub it’s an absolute bargain. Finish off with a rich body moisturiser to really hydrate the skin, my all time favourite budget body cream is Garnier Hydralock, though it’s pretty hard to come by these days. I advise a lot of my clients to switch up their facial regime as the season changes, you might not need the rich moisturiser anymore and can change to something lighter, even a tinted moisturiser. Remember that all year round you should be wearing an SPF product, one built into your daily moisturiser is perfect. Be aware of exfoliating products used on the face as the weather gets better. Some ingredients can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and it’s advisable not to have chemical peels or deep microdermabrasion done if you want to be out enjoying the sunny weather.

Now for the feet… Completely neglected for months then we all know what happens, the sun makes an appearance we go to put our sandals on and then realise that our heels are cracked and that polish we put on for Christmas has grown half way up our toe nails. Give yourself a DIY pedi at home or better still get booked in for one at the salon. The top treatment for getting your feet looking good enough to show off is our Callus Peel and booties duo- a mixture of AHA’s, enzymes, collagen and moisturising ingredients removes all the dead, hard skin and calluses on the feet whilst leaving them feeling soft and refreshed finish it off with a nice summer shade of polish and your feet will be looking great again.

So we’ve buffed, scrubbed and moisturised ourselves, our skin is looking brighter and fresher and we’re feeling better about getting out and about again. It’s time to get moving. I know there’s a lot of people like myself who struggle in the winter, the darkness and the cold can leave me feeling sluggish and in a bit of a mind fog. Be like a butterfly and get some lightness and energy back into the body again. The lighter nights mean that we can be outside for longer, an evening walk can make a huge difference to our overall wellbeing. It's a good idea to have a think about our diet now too, fresh salads and fruit are more appetising as the weather gets better, make sure to keep the body hydrated on the inside by drinking plenty of water. Hot water and lemon at the start of the day is a great way to kick start the system too.

And finally have a Spring Clean, go through all your products and cosmetics throw out or donate anything you don’t use anymore, check use by dates, clean all your make up brushes and sponges and organise your products.

For more advice on anything mentioned here just get in touch with us or pop into the salon to see us.

Arlene xx

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Arlene Conroy